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Common Core Standards Resources for Teachers

Achieve the Core

  • Reading lessons and units of study for Common Core.
  • Mini Assessments
  • Resources for understanding the Common Core 


  • Contains a variety of applications for students
  • Subject-matter professional learning groups
  • Anthology Project with reading lessons for grades 6 to 10


  • Reading passages for grades K-8
  • Literary and informational texts - suitable for history and science classes
  • Comprehension questions

Odell Education

  • Literacy units for grades 6-12
  • Literary and informational texts - multiple texts in a unit
  • Focus on specific Common Core skills, i.e., reading closely, text-embedded questions, etc.

News ELA

  • Informational readings with online quizzes
  • Adjustable lexile levels
  • Various current topics to connect content to what's happening in the world

The 12 Characteristics of Master Teachers

As you begin a new year, think back to the educators who made a difference in your life.  Now think about the colleagues you most admire, and the teacher you inspire to be.  Though excellence comes in many forms, great teachers tend to share certain key characteristics:

  1. They rise to the occasion in times of crisis.
  2. They use daily routines and procedures to make their classroom run nearly on "autopilot."
  3. They are experts in their content area.
  4. They are great time managers.
  5. They are organized and have efficient systems for managing tests, quizzes, homework, grades, attendance, email, etc.
  6. They understand the difference between a classroom management plan and a discipline plan.
  7. They design lessons that are interesting, intriguing, and challenging.
  8. They focus on interactive learning, cooperative group learning, and activities, rather than relying on overabundance of lecture format.
  9. They know when they pull into the school parking lot, whatever may be going on in their personal life, they're in the role of a teacher, mentor, and role model.
  10. They network and build strong, healthy relationships with colleagues, students, and parents.
  11. They have a special ability to connect with students.  Students just want to "hang out" in their classroom.
  12. They know that attitude is everything!
Aeries Parent Portal & Gradebook
Parent Communication Image

Please review the information below in the Teacher Resources Locker.  It contains information that will benefit parents and assist you with helping them get connected to our parent communication system.

Super Teacher.png

Telephone Protocols

telephone.jpgIf you are having a discipline issue . . .

Call in order

  • Sylvia Corona x52606 (Lunch 11:00 - 11:30)
  • Rafaela Alvarez x52602 (Lunch 10:45 - 11:15)

If you are having a medical emergency . . .

Call in order

  • Vikki Godfrey x52607 (Lunch 11:45 - 12:15)
  • Rafaela Alvarez x52602 (Lunch 10:45 - 11:15)
  • Dr. Jordan-Faucett x52605
Ms. Godfrey
Ms. Godfrey

Daily Attendance (ABI)

Teachers are to take their attendance within the first 30 minutes of the class period.  Our school wide process 'Entering Class Procedures' indicates that:  1) students greet teacher at the door; 2) students are to go directly to their assigned desk; 3) students are to get out necessary materials, i.e., sharpened pencil, pen, paper, books, etc.; 4) students are to put backpacks on the floor under desk or in a designated area; and, 5) students are to write down their daily agenda and begin board work (WARM-UP).  This is when you can do your attendance (ABI). 


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