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About Franklin Middle School

Our Vision is for our diverse learners to be empowered, prepared and equipped with academic and life skills needed to be productive citizens, who can positively contribute to society.

Our Goal is for every student to have clear, attainable pathways to career and/or college success.

In Support of Our Visionwe will attract and retain highly qualified staff, as well as leverage community resources to provide support systems for all students and their families.

We believe that Benjamin Franklin Middle School exists to serve all of our school population.

We envision working with our parents and community to ensure that all students are motivated to achieve high standards and are provided with the support and services necessary to make every student successful.

Benjamin Franklin Middle School is a place where students feel safe and have a sense of belonging.

It is a place where the joy of learning is a reality and all students know that they have ownership in their school.

Together, we share resources in our mutual efforts to make the learning process relevant for all students.

People who share a common direction and purpose can reach goals more quickly.

The Franklin Middle School staff, parents/guardians and community will demonstrate their dedication to a quality educational program.


Together, we do make a difference!

Regular Day Schedule
Period 1 7:50 - 8:42
Period 2 8:47 - 9:39
Period 3 9:44 - 10:36
6th  Grade  
Lunch A 10:36 - 11:22
Period 4 11:25 - 12:17
7th -8th Grade  
Period 4 10:41 - 11:33
Lunch B 11:33 - 12:17
Period 5 12:22 - 1:14
Period 6 1:19 - 2:11


Wednesday (Minimum Day) Schedule
Period 1 7:50 - 8:27
Period 2 8:32 - 9:11
Period 3 9:16 - 9:53
Period 4 9:58 - 10:35
Period 5 10:35 - 11:17
Lunch -All Grades 11:17 - 11:58
Period 6 12:03 - 12:40